48 Hour 360 film 48 Hour 360 film

it is all about Cinematic VR, after 100+ years of filmmaking....

What's up?
48 Hour 360 film

Welcome to 360-FILM.org

a VRNL & EUVR initiative

Yes, it's true:
we are organizing the first full 48 hour 360° Film Project in the world!

Once distinctive borders between film, tv, pc, webbrowser, app, mobile and social media are blurring

a new era for all of us lies ahead.

We do believe that virtual reality, together with other emerging technologies like AI, IoT, Big Data and Cloud 2.0 will change the world as we know it now completely in just a few decades. It is not a gadget, VR, it is a new platform, enabling a whole family of related of "digital reality" platforms, like AR, MR and a totally different, immersive, interactive, way of filmmaking will emerce, in which there are no spectators that anymore that are guided through a story, but the ultimate user experience named VR.

This is why we promote the use of VR technology in filmmaking and are connecting the film world with 3D developers, gamedesigners, computer specialists, scientists, digital artists, makers and all others you will need in this new era of filmmaking!

We are looking for participants, sponsors and help:

  • 360 video camera's, stitching/publishing software, hardware like VR-headsets and experts to assist the teams
  • Volunteers and T-shirts for them (they love it, so we must provide at least this perk)
  • Teams of professional & amateur filmmakers, experienced in Cinematic VR, spatial sound, 360° short movies, etc.
  • You? Have a look at our 48Hour website for participants

We knew you would be interested!

the 48 hour 360-film hackathon is from March 31 - April 2, 2017

have a look at the schedule:

Friday March 31Kickoff event @ 18:00 - 19:00
Saturday April 1Shooting, Hacking & Stitching All Day - It's a Pressure Cooker!
Sunday April 2Same Thing, until Dropoff Event @ 18:00 - 19:30
Saturday April 819:00 Public Goggling / Premiere Screening in the VR-Cinema
VR.NL website

VR-Lab Nijmegen / Netherlands (the #1 VR country in the world: it's true!)

The VR-lab is located near the city center, a 10 minute walk from the central railway station, have a look at Google Maps.

Honig Complex

You will be able to work, eat and sleep in this great venue, part of Honig Complex, the most vibrant creative hotspot in Nijmegen.

Of course you may also work, eat and sleep (when possible) elsewhere, but you will miss the hackathon style collaborative approach of the event!


Award Categories & Prizes


Yes, it is fun and also a contest with a very knowledgeable jury that will select the best productions in the new and special category "Cinematic VR / 360°films" of the 2017 edition of The 48 Hour Film Project in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Benefits we are confident about:

  • You finally know your team can make a 360° movie from scratch in 48 hour
  • The best projects are automatically nominated in the 360° video category of the Dutch VR Awards next year
  • The prize winners are eligible for submittance in the international Raindance Independent Film Festival 2017 and can even end up with an Oscar© in 2018!
Who is involved?
EUVR logo VRNL logo

The Dutch Virtual Reality Foundation | VRNL is the representative of EUVR.org in the Netherlands. EUVR is an international VR-community that grew out of cooperating VR-meetups. It is building an European ecosystem of startups, industry, arts, science and societal organizations to further introduce and integrate VR technologies in society. We also want to form a bridgehead to Europe for international organizations involved in the responsible introduction of the disruptive medium virtual reality.

Feel free to contact us!

Please let us know when you want to participate in this event.
Questions, remarks and comments are welcome via an email to 48hour@360-film.org?subject=48hour_2017@nijmegen